10am-5pm: BIIAB Level 2 Award in Beer & Cellar Quality (Keg)
10am-5pm: BIIAB Level 2 Award in Beer & Cellar Quality (Keg)

Course Content

What is the BIIAB Award in Beer & Cellar Quality?

The BIIAB ABCQ is an award designed to help pubs & bard ensure that their beer is consistently served in an optimum condition - which aims to increase sales and decrease wastage.

Who is this award suitable for?

The BIIAB ABCQ can be used as a stand-alone qualification or as part of an induction programme. The Award is aimed at businesses and candidates who are required to handle and care for cask and/or keg beers as part of their job role - as well as anyone required to maintain a safe and hygienic cellar.

No previous experience is required to complete the course, but a knowledge of working in a pub or bar may be beneficial. 

For qualification is the 'keg only' training course and exam, which consists of 25 multiple-choice questions relating to kegs, and excludes material directly relating to caring for and serving cask conditioned products.

What will I learn?

- Understanding Beer products
- Define different types of beer

- Understand the business & customer benefits of serving beer correctly

- Maintaining hygiene in the bar and cellar

- Learn personal and food hygiene procedures relating to the bar

- Learn how to clean, maintain and store glassware

- Learn How to pour the perfect pint

- Learn how to clean beer lines

- Practice maintaining a safe and effective cellar

- Learn how to receive, store and control stock

- Learn how to maintain a safe and hygienic cellar 

- Learn how to store and serve bottled beers

£80 ILA Funding Accepted - CALL to book using ILA 0141 553  0010

Fully inclusive of tuition, examination fees, certificate, course materials and course handbook. 

Tea, Coffee & Water will be provided throughout the day.

A Meal Deal Lunch is available to purchase for £3.50pp 

Course Arrangements

Available Dates
Thu 13/04/2017Places available
Wed 26/04/2017Places available
Tue 16/05/2017Places available
Wed 31/05/2017Places available
Wed 14/06/2017Places available
Wed 28/06/2017Places available
Thu 13/07/2017Places available
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Fri 18/08/2017Places available
Tue 29/08/2017Places available
Tue 12/09/2017Places available
Fri 29/09/2017Places available
Tue 17/10/2017Places available
Thu 02/11/2017Places available
Thu 16/11/2017Places available
Wed 29/11/2017Places available
Tue 12/12/2017Places available
Contact me to discuss available dates

Time 10am-5pm
Length 1 day
Cost £80.00 per person plus VAT
(£96.00 including VAT)
Venue onsite and throughout Scotland