Naboo Challenge

Learn how Lainox Naboo can help improve your business needs and business performance.

Assess for yourself the results of how easily intuitive the Lainox Naboo interactive device for cooking really is, assess the speed and time savings for yourself and how this can be achieved with Naboo benefiting your everyday business growth using its future proof technology.

We as caterers have generally five everyday challenges:

  • Organization: the difficulty of organizing your kitchen, timings and training.
  • Food Cost: preparation cost, the food service, the weight loss and waste.
  • Quality: consistency of the endless flow, standardization of recipes, the product is always as the Chef intended.
  • Energy: reducing high energy consumption and costs, minimising the multitude of equipment traditionally used making Naboo more environmentally friendly.
  • Stress: minimising stressful work in the kitchen, looking at the difficulty in coordinating the staff, minimising the hours on the stove

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