10am-5pm: BIIAB Level 2 Award in Beer & Cellar Quality (Keg)
10am-5pm: BIIAB Level 2 Award in Beer & Cellar Quality (Keg)

Course Content

BIIAB Level 2 Award in Beer & Cellar Quality (keg)

Course Content

The BIIAB accredited course is an award designed to help pubs & bars ensure that their beer is consistently served in an optimum condition - which aims to increase sales and decrease wastage.

This course can be used as a stand-alone qualification or as part of an induction programme. The award is aimed at businesses and candidates who are required to handle and care for keg beers as part of their job role - as well as anyone required to maintain a safe and hygienic cellar.

No previous experience is required to complete the course; however knowledge of working in a pub or bar may be beneficial. 

This qualification is the 'keg only' training course and exam, which consists of 25 multiple-choice questions relating to kegs, and excludes material directly relating to caring for and serving cask conditioned products

What Will I Learn On This Course?

·         Understanding Beer products

·         Define different types of beer

·         Understand the business & customer benefits of serving beer correctly

·         Maintaining hygiene in the bar and cellar

·         Learn personal and food hygiene procedures relating to the bar

·         Learn how to clean, maintain and store glassware

·         Learn How to pour the perfect pint

·         Learn how to clean beer lines

·         Practice maintaining a safe and effective cellar

·         Learn how to receive, store and control stock

·         Learn how to maintain a safe cellar 

·         Learn how to store and serve bottled beers


The Course Fee Includes:

·         1 Day expert tuition from our trainer

·         Course materials ,including mock test

·         Refreshments of tea, coffee and water included throughout the day

·         Examination fees

·         Postage or Accredited BIIAB Certificate upon passing the course



·         The Course starts at 10am please arrive no later than 09.45am to the visitor reception of Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery.

·         There is no parking onsite, please arrive in time to find suitable parking nearby, we offer all day parking at the Duke Street PBT Carpark for a subsidised price which is 5 minute walk away. 

·         Soup, Sandwiches, Snacks and Soft Drinks are available to purchase on the day. Lunch Meal Deal is available to all candidates at the subsidised price of £3.50

·         There are ID requirements for this course to be able to sit the exam




Course Arrangements

Available Dates
Tue 28/01/2020Places available
Thu 06/02/2020Places available
Fri 14/02/2020Places available
Tue 24/03/2020Places available
Mon 30/03/2020Places available
Fri 03/04/2020Places available
Tue 28/04/2020Places available
Wed 06/05/2020Places available
Fri 22/05/2020Places available
Mon 08/06/2020Places available
Thu 25/06/2020Places available
Thu 09/07/2020Places available
Thu 23/07/2020Places available
Fri 14/08/2020Places available
Thu 27/08/2020Places available
Fri 11/09/2020Places available
Fri 02/10/2020Places available
Thu 15/10/2020Places available
Mon 02/11/2020Places available
Mon 16/11/2020Places available
Thu 17/12/2020Places available
Tue 05/01/2021Places available
Wed 27/01/2021Places available
Tue 23/02/2021Places available
Thu 04/03/2021Places available
Fri 26/03/2021Places available

Time 10am-5pm
Length 1 day
Cost £90.00 per person plus VAT
(£108.00 including VAT)
Venue onsite and throughout Scotland

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