Taste of Scotland Masterclass (6pm)
Taste of Scotland Masterclass (6pm)

Course Content

Scotland's Finest Evening

Start by going behind the scenes of the official Tennent’s Brewery Tour to discover the inner workings of Wellpark, Glasgow’s most famous brewery.  Within these walls, you’ll find the home of over 450 years of brewing tradition and our range of award-winning beers.  Enjoy a pint of the freshest Tennent’s Lager you will ever get your hands on!

Then you will start The Taste of Scotland Masterclass, starting with sampling the most popular Tennent’s export beer, Tennent’s Whisky Oak. Enjoy some of Scotland’s finest gin, Eden Mill Hop Gin and Crabbies 1837 Gin, finishing the evening by sampling two of the best whiskys Scotland has to offer, Robert Burns Malt Whisky and Dalmore King Alexander III Whisky.

This is your chance to experience some of Scotland’s finest drink delivered by our Tennent’s Whisky and Gin Ambassadors and leave with a miniature as a souvenir from us.


Please Note: Customers who are believed to have consumed alcohol before commencing the tour will not be admitted to the premises and the refund policy will not apply.

However Tennent’s Visitor Centre is committed to providing excellent services for all visitors to Wellpark Brewery. We recognise the diversity of the public’s needs and abilities. Therefore a tour experience can be arranged if you or anyone in your party.

Course Arrangements

Available Dates
Sat 26/02/2022Places available

Time 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Length 2 Hrs
Cost £33.33 per person plus VAT
(£40.00 including VAT)
Venue onsite and throughout Scotland

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