1pm - 2:30pm The Tennent's Brewery Tour
1pm - 2:30pm The Tennent's Brewery Tour

The Tennent’s Brewery tour

Following a seven-figure investment, we’ve launched the UK’s biggest beer attraction: the Tennent’s Story! Our new immersive visitor centre and brewery tour takes you through our famous beer, covering everything from its origins, production, provenance and even how to pour the perfect pint.

Centred on the story of Hugh Tennent and the first brew of Tennent’s Lager in 1885, we’ll take you on monumental and historic animated journey featuring artefacts gathered from the first days of brewing at Wellpark in 1556 through to today. 

On the tour you’ll discover how we make Tennent's so special, from refining the ingredients to mashing, malting, brewing, kegging and more. 

The tour ends at the revamped tasting experience which is home to the country’s latest Tennent’s Tank Lager installation - serving up brewery fresh pints of Tennent’s from impressive copper tanks filled with unpasteurised liquid straight from brewery floor only a few hundred meters away.

Essential health & safety info

Please Note: Customers who are believed to have consumed alcohol before commencing the tour will not be admitted to the premises and the refund policy will not apply.

Customers are advised to wear sensible shoes (no heels, flip flops or opened toed shoes) and be aware they will need to climb steps.

Tennent’s Visitor Centre is committed to providing an excellent service for all visitors. Please advise us when booking if you or anyone in your tour party requires wheelchair access or may have difficulty with stairways or walking for an hour, so we can make arrangements to accommodate your needs. 

Booking times

Available Dates
Fri 06/08/2021Limited places (3 left)
Sat 07/08/2021Limited places (1 left)
Sun 08/08/2021Limited places (4 left)
Fri 13/08/2021Places available
Sat 14/08/2021Limited places (2 left)
Sun 15/08/2021Places available
Fri 20/08/2021Places available
Sat 21/08/2021Places available
Sun 22/08/2021Places available
Fri 27/08/2021Places available
Sat 28/08/2021Limited places (1 left)
Sun 29/08/2021Places available
Fri 03/09/2021Limited places (4 left)
Sat 04/09/2021Places available
Sun 05/09/2021Places available
Fri 10/09/2021Places available
Sat 11/09/2021Fully booked
Sun 12/09/2021Places available
Fri 17/09/2021Places available
Sat 18/09/2021Places available
Sun 19/09/2021Places available
Fri 24/09/2021Places available
Sat 25/09/2021Places available
Sun 26/09/2021Places available
Fri 01/10/2021Places available
Sat 02/10/2021Places available
Sun 03/10/2021Places available
Fri 08/10/2021Places available
Sat 09/10/2021Places available
Sun 10/10/2021Places available
Fri 15/10/2021Places available
Sat 16/10/2021Places available
Sun 17/10/2021Places available
Fri 22/10/2021Places available
Sat 23/10/2021Places available
Sun 24/10/2021Places available
Fri 29/10/2021Places available
Sat 30/10/2021Places available
Sun 31/10/2021Places available
Fri 05/11/2021Places available
Sat 06/11/2021Places available
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Fri 12/11/2021Places available
Sat 13/11/2021Places available
Sun 14/11/2021Places available
Fri 19/11/2021Places available
Sat 20/11/2021Places available
Sun 21/11/2021Places available
Fri 26/11/2021Places available
Sat 27/11/2021Places available
Sun 28/11/2021Places available

Time 1pm to 2:30pm
Length 90 minutes
Cost £10.42 per person plus VAT
(£12.50 including VAT)
Venue Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery

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