Gin Masterclass
Gin Masterclass

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Whether you are a Gin enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of Gin. At our NEW Gin Masterclass you can expect to experience an incredible and in-depth insight into the world of Gin. Exploring the history - including its medical properties.

Learn about the botanicals of Gin and how its made with samples of the most popular brands in the industry as well as some exciting new craft Gins!  in the professional surroundings of the Tennent's Visitor Centre.


Please Note: Customers who are believed to have consumed alcohol before commencing the tour will not be admitted to the premises and the refund policy will not apply.

However Tennent’s Visitor Centre is committed to providing excellent services for all visitors to Wellpark Brewery. We recognise the diversity of the public’s needs and abilities. Therefore a tour experience can be arranged if you or anyone in your party.

Course Arrangements

Available Dates
Sat 07/08/2021Places available
Sat 11/09/2021Places available
Sat 16/10/2021Places available
Sat 20/11/2021Places available

Time 6pm to 8pm
Length 2 hours
Cost £30.00 per person plus VAT
(£36.00 including VAT)
Venue onsite and throughout Scotland

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