The Big Tennent's Bake Aff
The Big Tennent's Bake Aff

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The Big Tennent’s Bake Aff

Fancy yourself as a baker?

Do you have what it takes to attend The Big Tennent’s Bake Aff Masterclasses? Then make sure you book your space with us.

Our very own baking club has started here at Tennent’s Training Academy. The first rule of baking club? Tell everyone to attend.

Following the Great British bake off challenges our very own Patisserie chef Lauren will be handing out fresh challenges each class as she shows you exactly what to do in each new challenge to improve your overall baking skills.

The course will include a light dinner with a complimentary Tennent's, Magners, Glass of Wine or soft drink. Plus a delicious new creation to take home and wow your friends and family with. 

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Course Arrangements

Available Dates

Course booking is temporarily on hold.

Time 6.30pm-9.30pm
Length 3 hours
Cost £45.00 per person plus VAT
(£54.00 including VAT)
Venue onsite and throughout Scotland

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