Tennent's & Makar Gin Tour
Tennent's & Makar Gin Tour

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Tennent’s Tour & Glasgow Distillery Spirits Masterclass 


Showcasing Tennent’s Beer, Makar Gin, 1770 Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Banditti Club Spiced Rum. 


Tennent’s have teamed up with The Glasgow Distillery to offer an exclusive tasting experience of Glasgow’s best drinks brands! 


Take the iconic Tennent’s Brewery Tour to see behind the scene of how we make our beer so special. The tour will end with a sampling of our unpasteurised Tennent’s Lager fresh from our copper tanks, in addition to a selection of export-only beers. 


The experience continues with a unique masterclass involving the Glasgow Distillery Company’s award-winning spirits. We’ll take you through a specialised tasting of Glasgow Distillery’s Makar Gins, Banditti Club Spiced Rum and 1770 Single Malt Whiskies. 


Further Information

The Glasgow Distillery is Glasgow’s first single malt distillery since 1902, pioneers of Scotland's new wave of single malt distilleries and Whisky Magazine’s Craft Distillery of the Year, 2017 and 2019.

The Glasgow Distillery take their name from one of Glasgow’s oldest and original distilleries. Founded at Dundashill in 1770, the original Glasgow Distillery remained active until the beginning of the 20th Century when a combination of factors forced the original distillery, alongside many others to close. In 2014, The Glasgow Distillery was re-born with new premises in the city and the first whisky was laid down before the years’ end. The Glasgow Distillery has invested in the world’s best distilling equipment and assembled an innovative team of distillers to produce a range of spirits as bold and characterful as the city they call home. 

The experience starts at 4.30pm at Wellpark Brewery for the Tennent's Tour, followed by a tasting session of various Tennent's Export Beers. The Glasgow Distillery drinks masterclass will be delivered at the Tennent's Training Academy and lasts approx. 90 minutes in addition to the Tennent's Tour experience.



Please Note: Customers who are believed to have consumed alcohol before commencing the tour will not be admitted to the premises and the refund policy will not apply.

Customers are advised to be aware of the necessity to ascend and descend over 100 steps during an estimated tour duration of 1 hour 15 minutes.

However Tennent’s Visitor Centre is committed to providing excellent services for all visitors to Wellpark Brewery. We recognise the diversity of the public’s needs and abilities. Therefore a tour experience can be arranged if you or anyone in your tour party requires wheelchair access or for anyone that may have difficulty with stairways or walking for around an hour. Please advise us when you call to book so that a seperate tour guide can be arranged to accomodate a suitable tour. 

IMPORTANT! Production Times

Customers are advised to be aware that due to essential cleaning processes of the brewery machinery, some areas of the production process may not be fully operational between Friday evenings and Monday mornings including the full weekend, please take this into consideration when booking so you are not disapointed by missing some of the action!

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Time 4.30pm-7.30pm
Cost £31.67 per person plus VAT
(£38.00 including VAT)
Venue onsite and throughout Scotland

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