Luxury of Italy! Evening
Luxury of Italy! Evening

Course Content

Luxury Italian Cookery Class ..for the Ultimate Italian Foody lover 

Do you concider yourself a bit of an Italian connoisseur or just love the luxurious taste of italian cities such as Milan and Cinque Terre?

Join us for a day of pure Italian Luxury 

Start your day off with of glass of Borocco Prosecco and some freshly made Italian Bread in our exclusive Wine Room. You will then meet your Chef and take to the kitchen with you complimentary Che'fs hat and apron.

The masterclass will begin and Chef will guide you through the evening creating a selection of the Italy's finest dishes. You will try your hand at each dish under the watchful eye of our academy chef then sit to enjoy your creations accompanied by either a glass of italian fine wine or a bottle of Menabrea.

After some of your own hand made fine Italian dining you will conclude your evening sampling and learn about some of the Tennent's Italian Exports which cannot be purchased here in Scotland, accompnied by a Limoncello Digestif !

Whats included ?

- Arrival glass of Italian Prosecco

- Italian Bread & dips

- 3 hour masterclass in creating your own 3 course  Italian meal 

- Wine, Tennent's or Menebrea with meal 

- Tasting session on Tennent's Italian exports 

- Limoncello digestif

Gift Vouchers can be purchased for this cookery class which last 12 months from the date of purchase. 

Course Arrangements

Available Dates
Contact me to discuss available dates

Time 5.00pm - 9.00pm
Length 4 hours
Cost £83.33 per person plus VAT
(£100.00 including VAT)
Venue onsite and throughout Scotland

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