Boozy Brunch 2pm-4pm
Boozy Brunch 2pm-4pm

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The Most Important Meal Of The Day!


Do you love to brunch? Do you enjoy cooking up a storm in a professional kitchen with a little bit of bubbly and a professional chef showing you how to be a brunch maestro?

If so, come and join us for a very special Boozy Brunch!


The Boozy Brunch at Tennent’s Training Academy

You’ve never had a brunch like this before. Our boozy brunch starts with a Prosecco cocktail on arrival at the Tennent’s Training Academy. You’ll spend the class in a professional kitchen that is used to train some of the best new chefs in Scotland.

When the group is all checked in and ready to begin, an Academy chef will demonstrate how to make the perfect brunch before letting you test your skills using your own individual work station. Under their watchful eye, you’ll cook what will soon become your go-to brunch favourite.


How do you like your eggs?

Our chefs will be showing you how to make a brunch classic; Eggs Benedict.

Throughout the two hour lesson, you will learn how to create every piece of the dish and bring it together in an almost magical fashion.

You will start by making muffins from scratch (much easier than you think) that will be toasted to perfection before you get to whipping up some hollandaise sauce.

The centrepiece of the lesson will be learning the secret to poaching eggs. With just a few kitchen hacks from the chef, you’ll learn how to make perfect poached eggs from here on out, before you get to customising your delectable brunch dish with a selection of toppings and meats.


Don’t forget the tipple!

This is a boozy brunch after all, and what better way to top off the experience than with our take on the classic brunch cocktail; the Bloody Mary, which we will make as spicy as you can handle!.

When everything is ready and plated just right, it’s time for the group to sit down and enjoy the beautiful brunch you all made.


What orders does everything take place?

We try not to stay too strictly to a direct plan (you’re here to have fun after all), but the session will usually run as follows:

Prosecco Cocktail on arrival

Chef’s introduction & cooking demonstration

Cook breakfast under the watchful eyes of the chef

Sip on a Bloody Mary

Tuck in and enjoy your brunch


Booking in Advance

The brunch class only takes place on the weekend, making it very popular with both locals and tourists on the hunt for the perfect weekend activity in Glasgow. Spaces can be limited if you’re booking in for a class on the same month you’re thinking of going.

If your date is all booked out, don’t forget to look at all the different classes we have space for here, including bread-making, gluten-free cooking and the incredibly popular authentic curry masterclass. 


Cooking Class FAQ

What brunch dishes are made in the class?

The chefs have an ever-changing menu on the go, so some dishes you might find yourself making include:

Poached Eggs

Salmon/Avocado Toast

Breakfast Muffins


How long does the class last?

We tend to take brunch a little later than most. The class will usually take place from 2 pm to 4 pm, lasting two hours.


How much does the brunch cooking class cost?

It will cost £35.00 per person plus VAT (£42).


Can I book this cooking class as a gift?

It is possible to buy a place as a gift. You can do so here. It is important to note that vouchers are valid for 12 months from issue date and they are non-refundable.


Can I book as a family or group of friends?

These classes are made to accommodate a group of up to 16 people. While we don’t take private bookings for smaller groups, you can book in your group of friends or family to an existing class.


Can the kitchen be used for corporate days/ team-building exercises?

Companies can book in for classes on select dates by visiting our corporate page, where you’ll be able to choose from half and full-day cooking classes for up to 10, as well as options for personal space your company can use during the day.


What age does someone have to be to take part?

As this is a boozy brunch, it is intended for adults only.

If you want to part in a cooking class where kids can get involved, check our full calendar to see family-friendly courses here.


Have any food allergies or intolerances?

We try to accommodate participants if they have a particular food allergy or intolerance. If there’s a food problem you have, please get in touch before your class and let us know so the chefs can help adjust accordingly.


Can I get in touch directly?

If you have any questions about the Boozy Brunch class or any of the lessons taking place the Tennent’s Training Academy, give us a call on 0845 166 6060.


Course Arrangements

Available Dates

Course booking is temporarily on hold.

Time 2pm-4pm
Length 1/2 day
Cost £35.00 per person plus VAT
(£42.00 including VAT)
Venue onsite and throughout Scotland

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