10am-4pm: BIIAB Scottish Award in Customer & Drinks Service (Licensed Hospitality) 2 Day Course
10am-4pm: BIIAB Scottish Award in Customer & Drinks Service (Licensed Hospitality) 2 Day Course

Course Content

BIIAB Level 1 Award in Customer & Drinks Service

Looking for a fresh start in hospitality or looking to brush up on existing bar skills?

The BIIAB Customer and Drinks Service Course is a great place to start!

Hospitality is a trade – it is a skill based job, and that is exactly how we approach this course.  Instead of telling you how to gain these new skills we give you the opportunity to try them for yourself.  Our trainers will be with you every step of the way.  All of the skills you learn will be able to be used on your first day of work. Ensuring that you can have an instant impact in your new or existing job.

There are no managers, supervisors or customers ensuring that you can relax and let trainers fully focus on helping you to gain an understanding of the practical skills that you will learn on the course.

This is an accredited course with a short multiple choice test at the end. 

On completion you will gain a certified qualification, useful practical skills and a new paragraph for your CV!

We will cover the following subjects

•       Cocktails – basic methods, recipes and sampling

•       Barista skills – introduction on how to make lattes and cappuccinos. You will be encouraged to make your own

•       Wine – basic knowledge and how to taste wine

•       Bartending skills – how to pour drinks, hints and tips on how to be an effective bartender

•       Customer service – how you can deliver great service. The benefits of knowing how to achieve this

•       Food service – how to carry trays, plates and taking orders

•       Spirits – understanding how they are made and the difference in categories

•       Cellar – how the cellar works, changing kegs and pouring the perfect pint

£200 ILA FUNDING is accepted for the cost of this course, please call o book using funding 0141 553 0010 

Course Arrangements

Available Dates
Wed 29/03/2017
(inc. Thu 30/03/2017)
Places available
Tue 25/04/2017
(inc. Thu 27/04/2017)
Places available
Tue 09/05/2017
(inc. Wed 10/05/2017)
Places available
Mon 29/05/2017
(inc. Tue 30/05/2017)
Places available
Wed 21/06/2017
(inc. Thu 22/06/2017)
Places available
Tue 11/07/2017
(inc. Wed 12/07/2017)
Places available
Wed 26/07/2017
(inc. Thu 27/07/2017)
Places available
Wed 16/08/2017
(inc. Thu 17/08/2017)
Places available
Wed 30/08/2017
(inc. Thu 31/08/2017)
Places available
Mon 18/09/2017
(inc. Tue 19/09/2017)
Places available
Wed 04/10/2017
(inc. Thu 05/10/2017)
Places available
Mon 30/10/2017
(inc. Tue 31/10/2017)
Places available
Tue 14/11/2017
(inc. Wed 15/11/2017)
Places available
Mon 04/12/2017
(inc. Tue 05/12/2017)
Places available
Contact me to discuss available dates

Time 10.00am-4.00pm
Length 2 Short Day 10am-4pm
Cost £200.00 per person plus VAT
(£240.00 including VAT)
Venue onsite and throughout Scotland