Develop your Young Workforce with Mentor Training
Develop your Young Workforce with Mentor Training

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An organisation’s culture and its performance are linked to the motivations and talents of its people. Not just the people you have working for you today but your employees and colleagues of the future.


Young People who are new to a work environment may find they face particular challenges in the workplace. Let’s give you a few examples:

‘You’re in a meeting. It’s your opportunity to shine in front of management. You’ve got an important point to make and you start to talk. Someone cuts you off.’ 

What would you do?

‘A colleague tells a demeaning joke that makes you uncomfortable.’

What would you do?

‘There’s a colleague in your team that you find it difficult to work with.’

What would you do?

Experienced employees in your organisation may know how to deal with these situations; however we need to recognise that there are people in every organisation (especially young or new employees) who don’t know how to react.

Young people play an ever increasing and integral part of the workforce and are very much looking for development within their roles. For those starting out in their careers, development is more than just a training course, or their own hard work. 

Development needs:

• People throughout the organisation who are willing to listen and support their colleagues

• Coaches, advocates, and most importantly, development needs mentors.

Young people want to develop their skills for the future and need support to help navigate their career path. They’re looking to their employers to promote strong values, vision and inspiration.


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Since 2005, ProjectScotland have been the catalyst to helping over 5000 young people in Scotland to get on in life through volunteering. One of the critical pillars of our support to these young people is the mentoring programme.

In the last 10 years Project Scotland have trained and supported over 700 mentors across Scotland. We’ve worked with a huge variety of people from young to retired professionals; with a wide array of experiences to offer – we have trained business owners, senior executives, creative types, planners, and experts in their field.

ProjectScotland has developed significant practical experience of the real life challenges and benefits that arise from these mentor/mentee relationships.


Benefits for Mentees:

An effective mentoring scheme encourages:

• Individuals to recognise their strengths and areas for development

• Mentees to take responsibility for their own decisions and activities

• Support new staff to settle into your organisation and thrive

Benefits for Mentors:

We help them develop skills and show how to adopt a non-directive approach. During the training mentors will:

• Understand the challenges of working in multigenerational teams

• Understand the challenges young employees face

• Understand the structured approach, tools and skills needed to be a great mentor

• Help their mentees develop their skills to work autonomously, solve problems and be successful in their own right

Benefits for your Organisation:

Mentoring matches made within your organisation across departments help to remove silos and allow individuals from other departments to build relationships and a greater understanding of the challenges each other face. This will:

• Cultivate, retain, and nurture young talent

• Help you to understand what the young workforce wants and expects from employers

• Create a learning culture within your organisation


''Tailoring the course to suit our needs proved to be the perfect solution to engaging the staff in the mentoring process. The tutor sharing her personal experiences of mentoring gave the course real meaning, whilst the activities delivered provided an excellent platform for fun but serious discussion. Many of the staff report that the day was the best training day they had ever attended.''

Elizabeth MacDonald - Leadership Programme Development Officer.

High Life Highland

(High Life Highland ran the course over four days and had 50 members of staff attend)

I learned the importance of self-awareness. I’ll ask more open questions and be less imposing with my ideas. I will be much better at listening and guiding.

The training really established what I can do to be a better mentor. I’m clearer and more confident about how to improve my mentoring.

Previously I thought mentoring was very much about show and tell rather than listening and making suggestions. The thing I’ll take away from the training is listen, listen, listen, it’s harder than you think.

The roleplays really challenged my way of thinking about being mentored and what it is to mentor.

Course Cost:

£1,600 + VAT for up to 12 Delegates held in your workplace.

£1,800 + VAT for up to 12 Delegates held the Tennent's Training Academy (Includes room hire, facilities, Refreshments & lunch).

£200 per person to join as an individual delegate on an open course, ILA Funding accepted.

Course Arrangements

Time 09.30-17.00
Length 7 Hours
Cost £200.00 per person plus VAT
(£240.00 including VAT)
Venue onsite and throughout Scotland