6.30pm-8.30pm Cocktail Masterclass
6.30pm-8.30pm Cocktail Masterclass

Course Content

Shake up your Saturday Night!

Do you know your Manhattans from your Martinis?

From the classics to new creations, let our experienced Award Winning Mixologists guide you through the history and art of cocktail making.

The Cocktail Masterclass

Enjoy a cocktail on arrival and sip away while we show you how to recreate it. Then step behind our fully stocked Professional Bar, and under our expert tutelage, learn the various techniques required to make some delicious drinks while giving them a bash yourself.

To round off the night, in your groups use your new found knowledge to design, name and create your own unique serves. Sit back and enjoy your creations in the bar while you encourage (or heckle!) your friends!

The class runs from 6pm-8pm however feel free to stay and enjoy a drink or two after the class in our licensed bar.
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Course Arrangements

Available Dates
Sat 17/03/2018Places available
Sat 21/04/2018Places available
Sat 26/05/2018Places available
Fri 22/06/2018Places available
Sat 14/07/2018Places available
Sat 25/08/2018Places available
Sat 22/09/2018Places available
Sat 13/10/2018Places available
Sat 24/11/2018Places available
Sat 22/12/2018Places available
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Time 18.30-20.30
Length 2 Hours
Cost £30.00 per person plus VAT
(£36.00 including VAT)
Venue onsite and throughout Scotland